How Many Types of Computer Ware Are There? Educational sahayata


Computerware is a very broad term which included the following wares for a complete implementation of work:
  1. Software 
  2. Hardware 
  3. Firmware 
  4. Liveware
How Many Types of Computer Ware Are There? Educational sahayata


Computer can perform only those works which are instructed by us. For a particular problem, set of instructions are required, these set of instructions are called program or software. Software is a program or set of programs which is written for computer for controlling and conducting all the functions of computer or implementing any application task.


All the physical electronic components of a computer system including peripherals PCBS printed circuit boards, displays and printers etc , and following terms are also included in Hardware
  • Computer Manufacturing 
  • Computer Assembling 
  • Computer Maintenance 
  • Computer Repairing


Software permanently stored into the memory of machine i.e. in the form of ROM, PROM, EPROM etc. BIOS (Basic Input Output System etc.), POST (Post on Self Test) etc. are the examples of FIRMWARE. These programs instructions perform some general predefined tasks.


A broad term for the people who use computers


The software can be divided into two main types


The Software which is specially designed to conduct and control, all the hardware activities of computer as well as for interfacing between the hardware and the application programs to perform the various information processing tasks. These software are also divided into three types: 

(A) SYSTEM MANAGEMENT PROGRAMS: At the time of execution of various information processing jobs, these programs manage the hardware, software and data resources of the computer system. Examples of these types of programs are:
  • Operating Systems 
  • Operating Environments 
  • Database Management Systems 
  • Telecommunication Monitors
(B) SYSTEM SUPPORT PROGRAMS: Different kinds of support services are provided by the computer. So these types of operations and management are handled by these types of programs. Examples are :
  • System Utilities 
  • Performance Monitors 
  • Security Monitors
(C) SYSTEMA DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS: When we are preparing some information system programs or procedures or other kinds of application these programs support these kinds of operations. Examples are:
  • Programming Language Translator 
  • Programming Environment 
  • Computer Aided Software Engineering(CASE) Packages
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These programs are designed to fulfill the information processing needs of end users of for some specific application. They are also divided into two types:

(A) GENERAL PURPOSE APPLICATION PROGRAMS: These programs are designed to fulfill the basic information processing needs of end users related to home, education, business, scientific and many other purposes. Common examples are:
  • Word Processing Programs 
  • Electronic Spreadsheets 
  • Database managers 
  • Telecommunications Graphics 
  • Integrated Packages
(B) SPECIAL PURPOSE APPLICATION PROGRAMS: These programs are specially designed to handle a specific application task. They are available in several varieties, some of them are:
  • Commercial Application Programs 
  • Scientific & Research Application Programs 
  • Arts & Designing Application Programs 
  • Animative Application Programs 
  • Educational Application Programs 
  • Musical & Entertainment Application Programs 
  • Medical Application Programs

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